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Addiction seems like an unending cycle of pain and misery, and it is very tough to look on as family members, friends or loved ones fight and suffer. It’s a natural impulse to wish to help, and many try to do anything they can to get the addict in their life clean. However, addicts know how to capitalize on the worry that surrounds them, and often they manipulate their support network into enabling them to continue using drugs or alcohol. Family members, friends and loved ones of an addict often begin to realize that they’re being enablers, and they start looking for help in ending this cycle. Interventions allow support networks to tell the addict they’ll no longer help them do drugs and alcohol, and try to get them to agree to treatment.

Staging an intervention is the best and most effective way to get an addict to agree to enter a rehabilitation program. Interventionists use a therapy technique that appeals to drug and alcohol abusers to cooperate with the rehabilitation process. When a professional oversees the confrontation, and includes the addict’s support network, it is possible to sway an addict into accepting help. Interventions are most often used because the addict is unresponsive to pleas, unwilling to get therapy, or is blind to their problems.

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